Venue and Location

The meeting will be held at the ‘Rheingoldhalle’, a recently refurbished modern conference center (Rheinstraße 66, 55116 Mainz, Germany -
It is located in the city center directly at the riverside. Many hotels can be easily reached by a short walk. The bus from main station to the conference center takes 8 min and runs every 5 min during daytime. There is also a huge car park at the conference center.


Mainz experiences a mild climate. In September the average temperatures


Airport: Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA) is the largest international hub of air traffic in Germany. It has more than 1000 flight connections per day.
Distance to Mainz: less than 30 km corresponding to approx. 30 min by public transportation.
Railway: Mainz central station has many connections to major German cities and close by European metropoles. It has four to eight train connections per hour to Frankfurt Airport.