Mainz, Germany

Electrochemistry: From Basic Insights to Sustainable Technologies

You are warmly invited to the 76th Annual ISE Meeting to be held in Mainz, Germany from 7 to 12 September 2025 , conveniently located close to Frankfurt. The meeting will take place at “Rheingoldhalle”, a recently refurbished modern conference center.

Mainz is the capital and largest city of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate and is located at the river Rhine. The city was founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC. It has a picturesque Old Town with an ensemble of historical buildings. The cathedral ‘Mainzer Dom’ is more than 1000 years old and is predominantly in Romanesque style. The Gutenberg Museum is one of the major attractions. It is dedicated to the city’s most famous son Johannes Gutenberg, who invented printing with the printing press using movable letters. He started the Printing Revolution ushering the modern period of human history. The Church of St. Stephan is famous for its unique choir windows designed by artist Marc Chagall.

Mainz is the capital of Rheinhessen, Germany’s largest wine region. The local wine is strongly connected to the culture of the area. Why not giving it a try when local wineries present their new wines at the local wine market?

Mainz is in the center of the Rhine-Main region, which is one of the largest aggregations of chemical research and production in the world. This comprises traditional chemical industry with electrochemical activities such as BASF, Evonik, Merck and many more, but it is also the home of new innovative pharmaceutical enterprises such as BioNTech, from which the scientific development of the BioNTech/Pfizer Covid vaccine comes from.